2-4 weeks before

 Appoint HAZOP Leader
 Appoint Independent Process Engineer
 Enlist the HAZOP Team members
 Ensure HAZOP secretary is available
 Send out invites to vendors & specialists

 Agree scope of HAZOP study
 Check that drawings will be ready
 Collect relevant reports and data
 Estimate overall duration
 Set the meeting dates and times
 Prepare Terms of Reference
 Agree recording method, software, etc
 Book the venue
 Reserve the use of A-V equipment

One week before

 Confirm availability of attendees
 Check if attendees are familiar with HAZOP
 Prepare sets of HAZOP documentation
 Issue Terms of Reference
 Define HAZOP nodes on P&IDs
 Set up computer data file

 Organise refreshments
 Check the state of the venue
 Adequate table space
 Plan the seating layout
 Check link from laptop to projector
 Spare bulb for projector
 Extension lead
 Spare laptop available
 Adhesive tape & highlight pens

At the meeting

Introductory Remarks
 Review venue facilities, fire exits, breaks
  Introductions round the table
 Switch off mobile phones
 Confirm the roles of team members
 State the purpose of the study
 State the meeting timetable
 Review documentation available to team
 State HAZOP methodology, e.g.
 ‘full’ or ‘by exception’ recording
 how actions will be allocated
 requirement for risk ranking
 Give overview of design scope, status
 Give process overview of first node
 Define first node (worksheet header)
 Make regular computer back-up

After the meeting

Each day
 Review accuracy & clarity of minutes
 Put actions numbers in sequence
 Print & issue interim worksheets
 Progress any ‘holding' actions
 Check next day's attendees are available
 File back up file (in addition to hard disk)
 Make note of any ‘parked' issues
 Make note of any additions to HAZOP scope
At the end of the HAZOP
 Review & allocate actions
 Assign any remaining ‘holding' actions
 Print & issue final worksheets
 Annotate P&ID set as ‘HAZOP Masters'
 Agree issue date for interim report
 Ask if any issues have been overlooked