This a list of functional requirement to check when considering the purchase of proprietary software

 Input details of HAZOP study
 Set up customised list of guidewords
 Set up customised matrix of risk parameters
 Set up customised cause database
 Set up customised failure rate database.

Compiling the Data File
  Input details of node
  Record deviation, causes, consequences, safeguards,
  actions per node
 Copying a worksheet
 Attaching a note to a worksheet
 Easy navigation between worksheets
 Handling multiple actions
 Identify global actions (to reduce duplication)
 Using text macros (pre-defined  phrases)
 Finding & replacing text entries

Producing Output
 Previewing / printing tables & action sheets
 Renumbering actions
 Adding an extra action
 Exporting the data file (to Word, Excel, HTML, dbase)

Action Management
 Action distribution by e-mail
 Manually inputting responses to actions
 Reviewing manual responses to actions
 Review outstanding actions by person, delay period etc

 Auto back-up / auto recovery
 Auto numbering
 Multiple languages
 User-friendly manual/tutorial