A HAZOP team should consist of five to eight full-time members – larger teams can inhibit discussion and smaller teams may lack the required breadth of knowledge.


Team Leader / Chairman
Extensive experience of process design and preferably commissioning and operations in a processing environment. Good motivation and meeting leadership skills are required. Independent of the design team.

Secretary / Scribe
Familiar with the technology and terminology of the study. Competent to record the proceedings with a minimum of direction from the chairman. Keyboard skills necessary for word processor and software recording packages.

Independent Process Engineer
Senior chemical/process engineer with at least five years experience in the relevant process technology. Independent of the design team. Role is to question process design assumptions, ensure design is to appropriate standards, advise team about process technology and assess likely consequences of process deviations.

Operations Representative
Considerable operating experience in the type of process under study. Role is to describe operating practices, identify potential for deviation from operating intent and provide information about plant stability, ergonomics, means of preparing plant for maintenance, etc.

Design Process Engineer
Familiar with the design intent. Role is to describe overall scheme and process safety systems, provide design intention and process conditions for each plant section, and explain process consequences of deviations.

Instrument / Control Engineer
Provide information about overall control and safeguarding philosophy, interlocks and alarms, plant shutdown system, safety features, e.g. F&G detection.

Plant Engineer
Provide information about compatibility with existing plant, site utilities, plant layout, maintainability and reliability requirements

Safety Engineer
Provide information about plant safety philosophy, safety equipment, emergency response procedures, previous incidents and matters concerning public safety.