Public Courses
Public courses are held on a regular basis, normally in the UK and Middle East . Please contact us for details of the current public training programme.

Tailored Courses
Although standard courses are available, the individual training modules can be re-arranged and adjusted to tailor each course to meet the required scope, intensity and duration. All of the modules are delivered by experienced trainers, who actively practise in their area of expertise. We do not use solely academic lecturers.

Practical Learning
Each course features a balance of theory and practice with case studies taken from real situations, usually the personal experience of the trainer. Where possible, the trainer will discuss applications of direct relevance to the delegates, and can offer impartial advice about sources of further information or consultancy services. Where relevant, any mathematical ability will be specified.

The training courses are available for delivery at any location. The training courses are normally delivered in English. By special arrangement, some of the courses may be offered in other languages but all written materials will be in English.

Fees are normally quoted for the standard course held at the client's facility. They include all materials, expenses, etc, but exclude the cost of travel and accommodation, since not all the trainers are resident in the UK . Residential courses can be provided on request. A firm quotation will be provided once the scope of the training requirement is agree

HAZOP Training Courses

HAZOP Awareness for Managers and Engineers
Duration: 1 Day

The aim of the one day course is to introduce and develop a basic understanding of the Hazard and Operability Study technique by means of short presentations and a syndicate exercise. The syndicate exercise will be chosen to match the client's activities. The course is intended for people in the process industries who intend participating in HAZOP studies, including design engineers, project engineers, production supervisors, maintenance supervisors, equipment package vendors. Attendees will gain the following benefits
 identify when to apply HAZOP
 understand the HAZOP guideword method
 understand the human and engineering data resources required
 be able to plan and report a HAZOP study
 contribute more effectively at HAZOP study meetings

HAZOP Team Leader
Duration: 5 Days

The 5 day course is designed for engineers who have already participated in HAZOP studies and wish to achieve proficiency as Team Leader. It covers a range of HAZOP applications including batch and computer controlled plant, and concentrates on meeting leadership skills, making risk-based decisions, human factors, meeting preparation and extensive case study work with analysis of leadership performance.

HAZOP Secretary Skills
Duration: 1 Day

The one day course is designed for junior engineers, who need to understand the basics of HAZOP technique in order to act as efficient recorders and who may be involved in planning and organising HAZOP study meetings. Tuition is provided in both manual recording and in the use of proprietary HAZOP recording software.

HAZOP Study and Risk Analysis
Duration: 3 Days

The 3 day course is designed for engineers who have already participated in HAZOP studies and wish to increase their proficiency. It is also suitable for those new to HAZOP who are quick to learn. The course material is configured for the type of facilities used in the oil & gas industry - automated continuous processes, and is led by a tutor with considerable HAZOP experience in offshore and onshore facilities in the oil & gas industry. The course covers all the activities involved in HAZOP, and examines the contribution and limitations of HAZOP study in relation to other techniques used in hazard identification and risk management.

After consolidating basic HAZOP knowledge, the delegates will receive tuition and practical guidance in various HAZOP techniques and meeting leadership skills. These will be developed through hands-on experience during a realistic syndicate exercise under the supervision of an experienced tutor. In fact, approximately 50% of the course comprises tutored exercises.