Due Diligence
Case Studies

We assessed and provided opinion on the contribution of a large number of client comments on a contractor’s design to delaying a large oil & gas project. The objective was to analyse the comments by reference to the contract requirements in order to establish if they were reasonable and necessary and, if otherwise, to quantify the man-hours the contractor would have spent on addressing them. The review concluded that most comments were valid and that the superfluous comments were due to duplication in the way the comments had been made on the documents. The impact valid comments on contractor manhours was insignificant.

We reviewed the front end engineering design (FEED) relating to a funding proposal for an oilfield development in a remote marine environment to identify major environmental, health and safety issues. The objective was to predict the main risks and impacts, in accordance with World Bank EHS Guidelines for Offshore Oil & Gas Development, OSHAS 18001:2007, UK health and safety legislation and good industry practice. The main adverse findings related to the impact of the remote location on emergency evacuation and the unavailability of vendor support.