Technical Support

One of the problems experienced by SMEs is not having access to the expertise required to operate a Process Safety Management system. We can provide part-time support for problem-solving, mentoring and training needs, tailored to each client’s needs. This could be a more economic alternative to full-time recruitment. Here is an example of how it might work.

The safety manager has identified a lack of process safety expertise but the company has put a freeze on recruitment. The annual budgetit won’t go far using external consultants.  It has to be used wisely but her problem is to know where, so she needs access to an advisory service within the budget constraints. In order to achieve this, a proportion of the budget is used for monthly on-line meetings with a PDQ consultant to prioritise process safety improvements. It is decided to do a gap analysis of the various elements using the Energy Institute’s PSM framework.  This helps her to draw up an action plan to focus on training needs and identify low/zero cost measures.